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Thanks very much for deciding to become a life saver in your community. As a lifeguard you take on the responsibility of open water rescues, acting as an authority figure in recreational aquatic areas and you are a representative of your organization.

This responsibility is rewarding, important and demanding. The best lifeguard will have fantastic lifeguard training, certifications, classes and courses fresh on her/his mind when the time to save life is at hand.

Lifeguard Certification

Information on Lifeguard Training

We try to take the headache out of searching for your lifeguard training information by compiling everything you need to know in one site.

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The duty of a lifeguard is to supervise swimmers and provide rescue operations when necessary. They can work at swimming pools, water-parks or beaches and can rescue anyone from the casual swimmer to the experienced surfer.

All lifeguards are trained in First Aid/AED application. They are also provided training to utilize equipment of different types in regards to the area that they are patrolling.

In many areas, lifeguards will work in tandem with the other emergency medical service (EMS) teams in the area. They will integrate with systems of incident recovery and often will carry out mountain rescues when they are required to aid other EMS groups.

Lifeguard Job Description

If you notice any errors or improvements possible we would love to take that advice and pass it on to the next generation of lifeguards who will be seeking information. The goal of this site is to be the hub for fantastic information regarding CPR/AED training and Open Water Lifeguarding certification.

Lifeguards of History Segment

Once all the state specific lifeguarding information is completed, I’ll run a series on the most famous lifeguards that have ever saved lives. This will be an inspirational section, but first I want to make sure that everyone out there seeking a new career as an aquatic hero, has the ease of picking up a head start from this resource.

Lifeguard Job Description

I’m currently building this site so please feel free to comment if you want specific information. We have a survey that you can fill out if you have some suggested topic to discuss. Some of the states don’t work right now (it’s difficult writing lifeguard information for all 50 states!) Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to participate in the project.

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Lifeguard Jobs

Lifeguards are needed to patrol aquatic areas that are for the enjoyment of the public or the private company that owns the area. While on duty, a lifeguard is responsible for maintaining order around the area and ensuring the safety of the patrons.

There are many different types of lifeguard positions. Some lifeguards will work at pools in Las Vegas where their primary responsibility will be to keep an eye on children or party people. Some have completely different duties all together. For example the lifeguards in Alaska are tasked with flying helicopters and planes to help alleviate emergencies in distant areas.

Lifeguard Certification

As a lifeguard you will have to get certified. Most certifications are nationwide in the united states so you can get your experience at home and find work anywhere after you become experienced and capable of managing the position.

The most prominent lifeguard certification agency in the United States is the American Red Cross. Almost all employeers will recognize and American Red Cross certification (ARC.) If they require more than the certification, they will see your ARC certification as an advantage over other candidates.

Beach Lifeguard Training

Perhaps some of the more elite lifeguards are those that live along the oceans. The oceans provide far more challenges to the lifeguard so these lifeguards tend to be the most elite of lifeguards.

Different states and organizations have different qualifications and pay (in Los Angeles, lifeguards can get paid a lot!)

Lifeguard Training in California

California is obviously a state with an incredible opportunity for those seeking to save lives and live the lifestyle of a lifeguard. With thousands of miles of rough coast line and the largest population in the United States, it’s no wonder that this is an excellent state to seek lifeguard training.

Please feel free to check out our Lifeguard Training in California page to get more information. We hope to provide the best information for each and every county for lifeguard training in California.

Online Lifeguard Training

You can get many of the aspects of a proper lifeguard training course out of the way by studying online. This won’t be enough if you want to get your open water lifeguard certification. There are physical tests that you must be able to pass in order to save a drowning person.