Lifeguard Training: Jeff Ellis and Associates Program

Jeff Ellis and Associates Lifeguard Training

International Aquatics Safety and Risk Management Consultants

Lifeguard Training History

Early in the 1980s, Jeff Ellis realized that water parks were in desperate need for lifeguarding courses specifically tailored to their needs. To satisfy this demand he created the National Pool and Water park Lifeguard Training (NPWLTP) course which was a total risk management program specifically for water parks. Within 10 years, nearly all water parks (8 of 10) in the USA were clients of Ellis and Associates.

During the 1990s Ellis and Associates teamed up with the National Safety Council and National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) came together to create two more programs:

  1. A flat water parks and facilities
  2. Learn-to-swim program

Ellis and Associates have expanded their training operation across the world. They are currently recognized in 42 states, Dubai, Bahrain, Korea, Bahamas, China, Spain, Mexico and others.

Up to Date Lifeguard Programs


Jeff Ellis Logo

The Ellis and Associates programs are updated every year in order to stay immediately up to date with technical and medical data. Often they are the bench mark that the rest of the industry follows. One example of this is the 10/20 rule which was created by Ellis and Associates and is now a benchmark lifesaving skill.


  • Direct Lifeguard Staff Training Course
  • Ris assessment of your location
  • Lifeguard Fitness agreement
  • Facility Management agreement
  • Providing oxygen tanks
  • Support and training with AED
  • Audits to ensure proper maintenance of risk aversion
  • Immediate help in case of an emergency

Golden Guards:

Golden Guards are lifeguards that demonstrate excellence while the disguised auditor is on scene. They keep a list of fantastic guards on their website here.


“Make a difference in aquatic safety”

Official Information:


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  3. T sills says:

    A life guard training program that fires a life guard for trying to save a life??? This company is STUPID!!!!!

  4. t,frances says:

    you folks at ellis are idiots and should not be in business you are fools ,firing a person for trying to help save a life. u r f#@%%^& up

  5. Chris Boylan says:

    Jeff Ellis and Associates fires people for saving lives. What a worthless bunch of jerks.

  6. Courtney says:

    How can you make a difference in safety when you fire people for saving lives outside of their designated areas? A human life is worth less than liability issues to you people.

  7. Jim Maclean says:

    How can anyone be proud of their position requiring their guard to watch someone drown if they are 500metres outside the zone? You should simply be ashamed of yourselves. You may be highly trained mercenaries paid to protect paying clients, but you can hardly call yourselves “lifeguards”.

  8. Richard Greenyer says:

    You fired a man for helping to save a drowning man. You have lost all credibility in terms of the service you provide. I think you should lose your contract.

  9. John Kline says:

    Just do not save the wrong person. You could get fired.

  10. Mary Ann Quinn says:

    Shame on you all, I hope no one ever signs up for your classes or products or anything. Any company that puts liabilities and rules ahead of a human life does not belong in a business. I hope you can sleep at nights you are lucky that man did not die. Stop and think if that was your wife or child and the life guard did not go to help and your wife or child died. Give that a long sincere thought. I say the life guard was a hero and the 2 that said they would do the same are smart to get rid of you and the one that quit good for him. Why don’t you all go to counseling, although I don’t think that would help

  11. Guy says:

    You’re the ones that fired lifeguard for saving a swimmer’s life, right?

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